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School has started and not much has happened.

This quarter is so much more chill than my last, and guess what!
I have friends that actually study.

Thats a good thing, but one problem with the people who I hang out with now is that everyone is dating.
When I come to the table after my classes are done everyone is sitting with their girlfriend.
I can't help but feel a bit uncomfortable.
I don't know these friends super well, but they're nice.
It seems like the only way to solve this problem is to get a girlfriend myself.
It sounds a bit weird though.
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Gingerbread House

Since it's break I have to waste my time effectively!

I went to my friends house and we made a gingerbread house, but it was really super ugly >_<

We were supposed to take out the egg yoke but no one read the instructions lol

The frosting doesn't look yellow does it?

Look at the cute peoples~

It turn out really crappy, and if you look closely you can see the Canadian flag randomly placed on top!

My friends apartment is in the perfect place in seattle and its super nice.

Last night I thought it would be a good idea to try ice driving with my truck
With the encouragement of a few good friends
I ran into the curb really hard with my truck lol
I thought I totally fucked up my truck but it seems perfectly fine after I put air in my tire
IM SUCH AN IDIOT sometimes

I'm gonna go to California tomorrow for some stuff....

So yeah~

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Finally I got to do some shopping!
Not alot, I just got a coat and some shoes.

My pictures suck I know~

The coat is Diesel! Winter coats are really important so might as well get one I like. It was like $130, but the original price was $230 so I think it's a good deal.

The shoes are obviously converse, but the thing I like about these is they're leather (I guess thats obvious too). They wear only $40!


Actually my Christmas list is pretty simple:

1. Channel Allure Homme cologne
2. Jeans Jeans Jeans
3. Money Money Money

I think for jeans I'm gonna have to go to H&M or American Eagle to save cash.
Hopefully I'll find a job soon after break >_<

There's some other sorta good news.
Mady theres a pretty gurl that likes me.
But we have one thing in common that keep us from getting serious.
But that just may be a good thing.

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goodbye four-eyes

I've been wearing glasses for like a month now and I hated it so I'm super glad I finally got some new contacts.
It's not like they're special or anything, but I just hate the geekiness that that comes along with glasses.
And my glasses are like old man style so that makes me hate them even more.
I gotta get my auntty to tell her hubby to get me some better looking glasses when he visits from Korea.
But the problem is, I'M SO BROKE!!!

I don't know how I'm gonna do Christmas shopping.
Maybe my mama will give money for Black Friday >_<

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I feel really good right now. I'm feeling so good I'm gonna right in paragraph form. You know how some people are just so extremely good at what they do, and how different countries have their own individual characteristics even when they're doing the same thing. I was watching the documentary "Planet B Boy" and it just reminded me of that stuff.

I love to see musicians like Shiina Ringo on stage really into it. The times when you look closely at the person and think "there's nothing else they should be doing but this". I guess I sorta wanna be like this but haven't found my "thing" yet.

I wanna go into the characteristics of some individual countries but I'm not so great at explaining my self. I'll try anyways.

The US seems to have a relaxed feeling, but not like Jamaica or anything like that. I feel like America is loosing it's culture to commercialism. But America still has culture. I don't know how to explain it. I feel like American's culture is sort of a rough feeling. I guess it's based on independence and loose unity.

One thing hate that has happened in the US is how African American culture has been exploited and blacks for the most part don't even notice. When I listen to (mainstream) hip-hop or watch a rap music video its (almost) always the same.

Japan. I think the Japanese are the best at intensely focusing one thing and taking things to extremes. The Japanese create things that the whole world loves because they know how to appeal to people. When you get passed the shallow things there are alot of spiritual things when it comes to Japan. There seems to have been so much thought in the history of Japan and I think it shows nowadays.

Korean culture is really reflected in their history and the way they are educated. The word I would use to describe Korean culture is deep. If you watch Korean you'll see really intense emotions. Koreans also have a huge amount of pride. When you look at Korean pop stars you see a pursuit for perfection unlike any other country.

France. I don't know alot about France but the feeling I get from France is really smooth and sorta artistic. French people also seem to be naturally arrogant.

These are just my opinions~
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I just finished arguing with my mom about the dumbest shit on earth.
If I’m lucky I’ll have to move to California over this.

School these days…
School has gotten better, but I still don’t quite feel 100% comfortable.
It must be because of my super paranoidness.
I guess time is the only test that will prove what people really think about me.

One thing that’s different about this year is that I’m spending more time around guys.
Guys are more funny, but a lot them have a strange way of thinking.
I might be the strange one though.
It seems like a lot of guys just wanna have sex. (not a surprise right)
But it’s weird how they go about it.

Step 1: choose the girl
Step 2: talk to her, and try to make a good impression
Step 3: wait till she’s kinda tipsy or horny then have sex

If you would have told me it was this easy last year I wouldn’t have believed it, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
I’m not saying all girls are easy.
What I am saying is I really hate the way these guys are.
It goes without saying, there’s more to a relationship than sex.
And what if I like a girl and I find out she slept with one of my “friends”

Anyways I’m not gonna change my ways of wait and see~
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These days I've been into Korean pop stars and Korean TV shows.

Right now I'm watching the show factory girl.
It's about some girls in a pop group that become fashion editors.
I was watching on network's (mnet)  website but it was being super annoying, but I was pleased to see that it was Youtube with subs and all.

Here is a link to all the episodes if you wanna watch:

All the girls are from a pop group called Girl's Generation, in Korean 소녀시대 (SNSD)
There are nine girls all together (yeah another Korean super sized pop group)
My favorite is 최수영 (Soo-Young Choi)!!!
here's a picture of her:

She's like less than a year younger than me...dreams CAN come true!!!

I feel like I should say something about school these days but maybe later~
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killing time~

like i said i'm really just killing time right now.

i don't even think i have something worth posting to say right now, but i have nothing else to do so...

i had a japanese test today and i thin i did extra good on it.

all my japanese and korean friends think the class is super easy for me, but it's not so easy that i don't have to study for it.

for some reason i feel sorta excited, but i have reason to feel this way.

or maybe i do.
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Sooo, I haven't posted a picture of myself on live journal but maybe I will as a friends only post
But, if you did see a picture of me you would definitely know I don't dress like I'm gyaruo or onii-kei
I think its gonna be a slow transformation
I've been looking at Men's Knuckle for a while, but the only thing holding me back is money >_<
But...It's almost holiday season so I think I should be able to find a job somewhere, right?

anyways...I think lj will be a good way to document my transformation!

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